Yuu Takahashi
Yuu Takahashi
He's willing to help others in need but does not want the favor in return.
Role major
Race winged demon/abnormality
Age 19
Gender male
Voice Type medium-low
Professional Status
Affiliation the Good
Skills the ability to see anyone or anything in the surrounding area around him.
the skill to make his wings "appear".
using this skill when fighting, his speed is increased.
uses dark magic.
Personal Status
Status alive
Relatives unknown
Likes flying, fighting, solitary, helping
Dislikes evil, light, friends, favors
Animation Debut unknown
Voice Actor(s)
English Geoff Oliver



He is known as the guy who likes to do things on his own. He's not very social either but once you get to know him, he is. He's willing to help others in need but does not want the favor in return. Even though he's nice to others, he's not afraid to fight back against the people who hurt his loved ones. He's incredibly strong since he trains a lot. He's good at strategizing and observing. Although his fighting skills are great, he can be sensitive sometimes but tries not to show it. When his feelings are hurt, he tends to complain about the simplest, smallest things. He would often feel better when someone is comforting him or when he has some alone time to himself. Yuu loves a great battle and he loves to take challenges. Also, he doesn't like to show his wings often; he prefers them hidden unless he's fighting. He's handsome and sweet, but he can be very nervous towards girls. Yuu is a trustworthy person.


Yuu, who was a human, had no memory of his family whatsoever. Charles had wiped it out of his mind and experimented on him of abnormality. After the experiment was finished, Yuu officially became a Winged Demon (abnormality). However, Yuu escaped out of Charles’ clutches and flew away as fast as he could. He kept flying until he became tired, and he eventually crashed into a tree because of his lack of knowledge for flying. Edd found him and brought him to his house to treat his scratches and cuts. Yuu sees Edd as his caretaker, and Edd continues to teach him how to fight.


  • Later likes Xandra.
  • Would often argue with Jordan over her.