Victoria Ishi
Victoria Ishi
The sassy, rude, obnoxious, and feisty girl.
Role major
Race human/abnormality
Age 21
Gender female
Voice Type medium
Professional Status
Affiliation the Bad
Skills turns anything to stone with her eyes as she pleases
Personal Status
Status alive
Relatives unknown
Likes killing people, making people suffer
Dislikes anything sweet, love, humans
Animation Debut Chapter 1: Frozen
Voice Actor(s)
English Emily Axon



Sassy, rude, obnoxious, feisty.


He worked for a company for chemicals, and one day she accidentally touched a chemical that she was working on without knowing. She rubbed her eyes and felt a burning sensation. After that, she screamed because it was burning her eyes, and she knocked over several chemicals onto the ground. Her boss found out and fired her, but she got so mad that she turned the boss into stone. As soon as she saw the boss all rock solid, she ran away and bumped into Charles.


  • Kills Charles for power and leadership in Season 1 or 2.