Lizzy Johnson
Lizzy Johnson
Protective of Emma.
Role minor
Race human
Age 16
Gender female
Voice Type medium
Professional Status
Affiliation the Good
Skills fighting skills & using a gun
Personal Status
Status alive
Relatives Emma Johnson (younger sister)
Unnamed older brother
Unnamed parents
Likes funny people, kicking people’s butt in fights, helping
Dislikes bugs, dresses, pink
Animation Debut unknown
Voice Actor(s)
English iStaRRyLove



Fun, nice, intelligent, caring, sensitive, brave, strong and protective of Emma.


She lived with her mom, dad, older brother, and younger sister. One day her sister, Emma, told her that she had powers. She took a plant from the house and it grew instantly. She was shocked. Later on, they eventually confessed to their parents. Their parents freaked out and did not accept Emma. They tried kicking her out. They went insane. Emma cried and cried while Lizzy tried to comfort her. They both ran away.