Krystal Flores
Krystal Flores
She's often quiet and secretive.
Role major
Race human
Age 16
Gender Female
Voice Type medium
Professional Status
Affiliation the Good
Skills using a dagger
Personal Status
Status alive
Relatives unnamed adopted parents
Likes means towards guys, challenges
Dislikes copycats, relationships, people who whine a lot
Animation Debut unknown
Voice Actor(s)
English tansx1



She can be very grumpy and rude at times. It's very rare to see her nice and caring, but when the time's right, she can be. It’s really hard to gain her trust. She's often quiet and secretive. She's really smart and also shy to meet new people but she is always willing to take a risk when it comes to fighting. She plays hard to get around guys.


She was an orphan when she was 4. Ten years later, a nice couple adopted her and took great care of her. Life was great, but she would often get bullied because of the way she looked. One day, the bullying was taken too far. She was walking home from work, and a couple of kids from school jumped her. They damaged her eye with constant punching and torture. Because of this, she wears an eye patch over her eye to protect it from getting worse. From that day on, she ran away, and found Edd’s house.


  • She eventually likes Andre.
  • She’s going to “die” at the end of season 1.
  • Andre “kills” her.
  • She gets revived by one of the bad abnormalities and turns evil in season 2.