Insane and Awkward.
Role minor
Race human/abnormality
Age 18
Gender female
Voice Type medium
Professional Status
Affiliation to Find
Skills nullification - cancels other abilities, fight with fists
Personal Status
Status alive
Relatives unnamed parents (deceased)
Likes laughing, fighting
Dislikes people who can’t take a joke
Animation Debut unknown
Voice Actor(s)
English ameangelofsin



She's a passive person who tries to please others. Since she was often alone, once she finds someone that's important to her, she holds onto that person (Shi). She's not that strong, but she's smart and nice. Although she has a "good" heart, she has bad intentions also. She gets scared or nervous easily sometimes.


At the age of 15, Joanne lived a normal life with her parents until one day they were brutally murdered right in front of her eyes. They were murdered by an anonymous thug. She was traumatized because the sight of her parents’ death and blood affected her. Joanne eventually tried to kill herself because she loved them so much and had no one else in the family. She acted up in school, and acted extremely negative. She would always say that she would kill herself. One day, she called up her close and only friend, and told her that she’s going to kill herself. Luckily, her friend and the police got there in time. She was taken to a mental institution by the ambulance. There, she can’t hurt anyone or herself and can be completely isolated. She was there about 3 years. Eventually she broke out of her room (with Shi, an insane girl she met), and she's been running ever since.


  • She helps Shi take over the world and betray Charles.
  • Eventually learns to give powers.
    • Will give Krystal strong powers after she gets revived.
  • She doesn’t know she has nullification until she fights in a battle.
    • Battle unknown yet.
    • They (Charles’ group) think that she only fights and that she’s human.