James Nova
James Nova
Acts like he’s mean.
Role major
Race human/abnormality
Age 17
Gender male
Voice Type medium-low
Professional Status
Affiliation the Bad
Skills uses his 6 arms (arms on the back) to fight when he chooses.
Personal Status
Status alive
Relatives unnamed parents
Likes fighting, a challenge
Dislikes killing people right away, death, insanely evil people like Laffy
Animation Debut Chapter 1: Frozen
Voice Actor(s)
English HyperShilvicPresents



Considerate, wise, brave, nice, but acts like he’s mean.


James’ parents knew about his 6 arms ever since he was a kid. They never wanted anyone to find out about this because they were afraid about how it would look. They believe it’s some sort of disease. His parents would always beg him to hide it when he didn't want to. He only wanted to be himself. One day at his 13th birthday party, he got excited and his arms came out. Everyone was shocked. His parents freaked out, and said it was only a magic trick and that it was fake. He was really sad. He felt like his parents didn't want him or accepted him. Charles found him in a dark alley with his 6 arms exposed.


  • He acts mean and sticks around with Charles to survive in the world.
  • Eventually turns good.