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Hello everyone! I finally finished Chapter One of Abnormality-- my first series! ^^ Sorry, it took so long... But, I hope you enjoyed it. I worked really hard on it, and I'm proud of it- sort of. LOL.. Please like, share and subscribe. I hope you all will support me. This series is going to be one hell of a ride. ^^

SUMMARY OF THIS CHAPTER Edd Anderson finds out that he's not the only one who has powers by reading a book he found in his library. He decides with his wife, Angie, to try to find others who have powers to be able to learn more about himself and others. Charles Kimmer, along with Victoria Ishi and Xavier, tries to threaten James Nova to join their group. Their goal is to recruit more people of their own kind (or as much people as they can) to be able to take over the world. They want humans to suffer-- especially Charles. Later that day, Edd and Angie later finds Andre Kimmer saving a person from getting hit by a car. They found it strange since he wasn't even near her. Edd and Angie tried chasing him, believing that they found an abnormality. Andre tries to deny their confession. Powers that were revealed in this Chapter: Edd- Reads minds Victoria- Turns things into stone when her eyes turn white Charles- Controls objects with his mind Andre- Freezes time


Abnormality 1. an abnormal condition, state, or quality; irregularity; deviation. 2. an abnormal thing or event.


Writer/Director/Animator- tansx1 Writer- JohnnyBoiix3

Edd Anderson- fireemblem237

             -Understudy: BlackWidowMac 

Angie Anderson- firestar1st

             -Understudy: ritticules 

Lizzy Johnson- iStaRRyLove Emma Johnson- iCupcakeCutie Krystal Flores- tansx1 Jake Smith- Stephen M Mia Smith- supermoogan Melissa Jay- Emily Axon Andre Kimmer- BrokeWings1 Charles Kimmer- Geoff Oliver Xavier- jpm396 Jordan Kinzoku- DawnDayzAnimation Yuu Takahashi- Geoff Oliver Victoria Ishi- Emily Axon Joanne- ameangelofsin James Nova- HyperShilvicPresents Teensy- xSheSings

            - Understudy: iSaturdayy 

Lilah Smythe- KassyPoopxD Laffy Mclovin- Allen Arakrüm

            - Understudy: Geoff Oliver 

Xandra Landry- B. Nicole Song Rosie- missyt Alex- JohnnyBoiix3 Chris- masterelites10 Julie- AngelicxDeviant

         -Understudy: Lisha MemoriesXD

Extras Chancho kuroseseiichi Blazingwiind Rachaelau Chiyukiie TheLegond9000 KnightBlade490 FamousAshun

I thank all of my talented voice actors and actresses :) Special thanks to diversitydesigners.

P.S. Sorry for some of my voice actors/actresses. Some of the names looked unclear in the credits.. I fixed it, so the incoming chapters will not be unclear.

Look forward to Chapter Two! ^^

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