Charles Kimmer
Charles Kimmer
He doesn't show any mercy.
Role major
Race human/abnormality
Age 40
Gender male
Voice Type deep
Professional Status
Affiliation the Bad
Skills telekinesis
Personal Status
Status alive
Relatives Luther Kimmer (grandfather; deceased)
Likes torture, violence, blood, humans dying and suffering
Dislikes sweet, nice people or things
Animation Debut Chapter 1: Frozen
Voice Actor(s)
English Geoff Oliver



He doesn't show any mercy. He’s a cruel man, and all he wants is revenge for his grandfather. He can be sick and twisted towards punishing and or killing people.


He’s the grandson of Luther. He learned about Luther’s past from his parents. Knowing that he’s an abnormality himself, he finds it unfair how the King and Queen killed the first known and found guy. He agrees with Luther’s goals and decided to follow his path. His parents disagreed and tried to stop him, but Charles killed them before they could do anything. He was only 17 at the time.


  • Andre’s father?
  • Dies in Season 1 or 2? -- Because someone wants to be the leader.