Andre Kimmer
Andre Kimmer
He likes to flirt with girls.
Role major
Race human/abnormality
Age 18
Gender male
Voice Type medium-low
Professional Status
Affiliation the Good
Skills the ability to control time and throws daggers
Personal Status
Status alive
Relatives unknown
Likes girls, being sexual in a joking manner, funny people
Dislikes people who act weak because he was once weak, people who act full of themselves and being in charge.
Animation Debut Chapter 1: Frozen
Voice Actor(s)
English BrokeWings1



He likes to flirt with girls. He plays with their heart sometimes. He's very cocky. Andre tends to troll a lot of people to entertain himself. He often likes to flirt or make jokes in a sexual way. He's always trying to act tough because he doesn't want to be treated badly like he was treated before. Also he can be quiet around some people. So basically if you don't know him and want to become his friend or something, and you come up to say hi to him, most likely he'll walk away unless you're a pretty girl or something. But in the inside, once you get to know him, he can be nice/soft. He's also good with martial arts.


The ability to control time and throws daggers Background- When he was younger he was bullied a lot. He got teased by the way he dressed or looked. He was always known as the "strange" or "weird" one. He doesn't know why but he just seemed to be the target. Girls would even act like they were into him just to bring him down. He believed them because he was gullible. He never told his family about this and he became depressed. His family was worried but he wouldn't talk to them about what was going on. He became unsocial until one day he decided to change his look and attitude. He was handsome and charming. People still bullied him but he stood up for himself instead of backing down like before and they eventually went away. After they went away, he became a huge flirt. He became more social and a player. He often trolls because he was once somewhat treated that way. Andre tends to hold back sometimes because he sees his victim as him in the past. But eventually he doesn't hold back anymore unless someone important to him tells him to stop. He played with girl's feelings too because girls played with his heart in the past. Letting his hurtful, past feelings taking over him, he tries to hold it together. Andre was never really happy, so he ran away.


  • Eventually turns evil with Charles because Teensy manipulated him.
  • Charles’ son?
  • Kills Krystal during the battle.
  • Betrays group under Teensy’s manipulation.
  • Turns back to his normal self in the end.